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[Source] Pumice

A long time ago when I started out in silversmithing we used pumice
and scotch stone as part of the polishing process, I have been
saving a remnant piece of the pumice which I have now used to finish
a small bowl. The grain of the polishing with the pumice is random
and catches the light in an beguiling way.

I would like to find more pumice. I have tried looking on the web
and found one source who sent me a sample. Unfortunately, the pumice
is coarse and filled with impurities which scratches. I think the
original source that long while ago was Italy. Does anyone know what
I am talking about and, more importantly, does anyone have a source
of pumice of the quality I want/need?


Pumice is available from dental lab supply houses. As far as I know
it is available in coarse, fine and flour grades. It is used to
polish acrylic denture materials, but will also work on gold. It is
usually used on cotton polishing wheels: 4 inch diameter at 1800 rpm
with some pressure. It does not leave a mirror finish on either
plastic or metal.

Charles Friedman DDS
Ventura by the Sea

Kremer Pigments in NYC carries several sizes.

Pumice Stone big