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[Source] Puffed hearts cabs

Hi, I am new to the list, but thought you all might be able to
help me. Last year we purchased several “fat” puffed cabochon
hearts from Arizona Gems. Their # is now answered by a machine
(some nead company) and I cannot get it to let me leave a message
and have never found anyone there. I have tried all the listings
in the Lapidary Journal as well as all I can find on the web and
so far everyone has beads (drilled) but no one seems to have the
fat 25mm & 38mm hearts. Does anyone have any idea where we can
obtain some more. Designed a beautiful pendant with these and
now have no stock. I do some cabbing when I have time, but
these are beyond my expertise and patience. Thanks.

J. Byers

Hi, There is missing some links in my english, please does
someone can tell me what is a puffed cabochon. Thanks.

Vincent Guy Audette
Quebec City