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[Source] Portable displays

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions, sources for
portable displays for trade shows. I am planning for 2 major
wholesale shows and need to find a way to ship some sort of display
cases across country.

In the past I have rented them, but would like to have something more
individual to suit my style of work.

Any about making or purchasing some basic displays, is
most gratefully appreciated.

Your Orchidian friend,
Sharon Bloom

Try Paul Wilton at dynamic display 1-800-928-7637, or his web site I drive a Honda Civic so had to look
for very portable cases, his site doesn’t show yet the solid black
panels hat slide into the fronts of the legs giving a sleet solid
look. He also has shipping cases. Betty Belmonte

I think those look great, but are a little pricey for us. Have you
ever heard of ultraform They have a nice web page, but I hope they
did not pay whoever designed it. No contact or phone
number or email no way in which to contact ultraform. You go
figure. Ever heard of them. would like to contact them, but?

Michele Cooling

Michele, I went to the ultraform webpage and found a 1800 number.
Maybe your computer didn’t load all the info given. Call


Did you say that you found no contact at the Ultraform
website? If so, I had no trouble finding it: on the front page there
is a menu on the side, and “Contact Ultraform” is the second to the
last entry. You can get there by clicking on this link:

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA where it is refreshingly rainy,
breezy, and cool.


I got the following info from their site, on almost every page. If
this is the same site you were looking at then you need to check how
your browser colors are configured.

Contact UltraForm Today!
UltraFormP.O. Box 1ScottsvilleNY 14546
Local: 716.889.8200Toll Free: 800.787.3823Fax: 716.889.8209

Hope this helps
Al Zabinski
Albert Zabinski

  "if anyone has any suggestions, sources for portable displays for
trade shows." 

Hi Sharon, I exhibit my jewellery regularly, using hinged, lockable,
2" deep frames that I had my picture framer make. These hang on a
wall, but you could have them made with an angled back-piece for
table display. The advantages over standard display cabinets are :
lightweight, easily transportable, and they look much more classy (
well mine do, anyway). I realise that exhibitions are a bit different
to trade shows ( ! ) but you might find the general idea useful.

Cheers, Christine
Writing this from mid-winter - sunny, then pouring, South Australia