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[Source] Platinum Snap "Tongue"

I am looking for a source for a platinum snap tongue, often called a
"W" shaped snap, similar to the Stuller 1320. There’s an image posted

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is one available in the Ross Metal’s catalogue, page 281, item

TN7. It does not give the dimensions though so it might not fit but

worth a call.

Hope this helps,

Unless someone has come up with a springy plat alloy lately your
best bet is 18K white. Its common practice.

Hi there,

A very good source for this part can be found at A. Herschlag
Inc.-Findings in New York City, NY. There phone # is 1-800-223-6885
In Book #4 I believe your tongue is CP67. This is a very good source
for parts in 14k/18k & platinum.

Cheers from San Francisco & Oakland!!! Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

Thanks for the input! I’ve been using Herschlag, but they are
occasionally out-of-stock on the pt tongue, so I was searching for
an alternate source. I have contacted Ross metals to see about their

I often use white gold clasps on bracelets and necklaces, if the
customer allows it; however, many of the major international houses
require platinum clasps/tongues on platinum items.