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[Source] platinum caster

Anyone out there have a source for a really good platinum casting
company? I am on the East coast, but if there is a company west, I
don’t mind. I do no production platinum only custom waxes, so I
would like to know of a company that does high quality work not
necessarily production work.

I remember a company out west that did platinum casting quite
differently than the ordinary vacuum casting. It was more expensive
but the results were pristine. This was 6 or 7 years ago and they
did a presentation at the MJSA show in NYC. Does this ring a bell
with anyone? Other sources welcome! Thanks in advance,


Hello Larry: Firstly, I would call Daniel Grandi at Racecar Jewelry he would be a good choice as I have
talked to him and he knows his stuff and has some 30 years in the
trade and many satisfied customers on this forum. The store I work
for uses a company called Carrera Casting 64 W. 48th st. NY,NY.
10036 1-212-869-8762 or 1-800-360-2339 I cast everything but
platinum, so when I need platinum casting, this company casts my one
or two a month custom carved waxes for a reasonable price and turn
around time is quick. Also Platinum Guild International has a page
that has links to many casters

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA

I’ll be glad to try to help you. Larry

Larry Paul Casting Co. Inc.
740 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA , 19106 

Doug Perry is THE guy for really good platinum casting 303-652-8994

Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Hi Larry, and everyone else too. I just wanted to show you the
finished result of a unique casting project that I had Larry Paul
Casting do for me a couple years ago. I am usually just a lurker
here, because after a full day at the my store, I’m pretty well outta
words.So I just read what everyone else has to say. Anyway, its a
solid 18k yellow gold set of Monopoly pieces that I made for myself.
By the way, it is not for sale at any price. Click on this link to
see it. Not the best photography, but workable!

It was an exercise in wax modeling more than anything else. Since I
had so much time in carving all the waxes, about 300 hours, I
thought it would only be proper if it were cast in something
especially nice like 18k. I had Larry Paul cast them all at the same
time, so that there would be good color match of the gold among all
the pieces. And a great job, I might add!! Its kind of like yarn dye
lots, if you don’t get enough material at one time to complete the
project, the next batch may not neccesarily match as well. The houses
and hotels are in Sterling Silver. There will be 6 of each when its
finished. And someday, I hope to make a board out of walnut framing
, with SS rectangles for the places on the board, with the pictures
and words cut out and then backed with black onyx. Then a sheet of
glass over the top. I may even hand calligraphy the money on some
really nice paper. I also want to make the property deeds in SS sheet
metal. Big plans , huh? My plan is to make a few changes to some of
the gamepieces, such as add diamond headlights and hubcaps to the
car, and put diamonds in the dots on the thimble. Also, I want to had
a ‘heap’ of rubies,sapphires, emeralds, and diamond mellee to the
wheelbarrow, but I haven’t decided how I will attach them. I thought
pave’ , but I don’t think it will achieve the ‘piled look’ that I
want it to have. Any ideas out there?

For a while, I thought my set was the only one in the world, but I
have since learned that Henry Dunnay of London(a luxury company)
produced a set in the late 30’s in 14k. I have corresponded with
Dunay’s, seeking history/info, and their company historian said that
he has heard that they had done this , but there was no written
record currently available. But they would do some research, to find
out what ever happened to it. Some German master goldsmith(I forget
the name) made it for them. Well, I hope you like it! Incidentally,
I am not a Monopoly nut- maybe once a year during the holidays or
something, with the family, but thats all. So far, we have never
played a game using this set, as I keep it locked up and never have
it available when a game comes up. Maybe this year!! 'Diamondeddy’
in Indiana

Dear Mr. Larry Ed friedman breathes lives platinum casting. We have
greats regards for him. Here is the info you would need to contact
him. He is a fellow orchidian

The Buehn Company
PMB 303
2160 E. Fry Blvd, Suite C-5
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Telephone:  520-378-7296