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[Source] Plain silver bails

Does anyone have a good source for plain silver casted pendant
bails? I do not want “snap on” bails, but rather a heavier bail with
an open ring/loop underneath that I can use to attach to pendants.

I realize that Rio Grande has them in their Gems & findings catalog,
but they are way expensive.

Thanks in advance for any responses!


Doug, if you can’t find bails that you like, you could fabricate
them. I have been making simple ones by rolling part of a piece of
16 or 18 gauge wire into a rolling mill, and then backing it out when
my fingers that hold the end are almost in the mill (it is a manual
crank). The unrolled end becomes the loop to attach to the pendant,
and the flattened rolled end is bent into a teardrop shape for the
chain loop. My problem with most of the commercial pendant loops was
that the bottom loop was too small.