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[Source] Peruvian Blue Opals

I have been searching for some good quality stones. Does anyone have
a source they would like to share?


Out of our Mines has beautiful material if there is anything left.
Also schelte & schone (rare and beautiful) out of Germany may have
some fabulous beads.

Hello Delias,

Try ‘Out of our Mines’, Nice selection and
they have more than what’s pictured on their website, rough too!

mike edwards (satisfied customer)

They are very hard to get, especially in the higher qualities. I have
a bunch of them, but they are not super high quality. Apparently, the
mines are running dry of the really good stuff, plus, with copper
prices so high, the miners are prioritizing copper over opal.


Hi Delias-

I used to buy quite a few Peruvian blue opals from Indojewels in NY,
but they haven’t had much lately. At the AGTA show in Tucson I looked
at some very nice stones from a company called Out of Our Mines. I
thought their prices were quite expensive at the time, but since nice
blue opal seems to be somewhat difficult to find, maybe they were
justified. Check out their site

Good luck,
Linda Blumel

I have bought very nice cabs and beads from Kameyab in Albuquerque,
NM. Their items are quite nice.

Rose Marie Christison