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[Source] Parisian wheat chains

Stuller does indeed have the wheat chain, and Stuller is a great
company, but if you like to support the small guy when you can I would
suggest that you go to Downeast at 1800 626 5700.

This is a small company in Vermont that does an excellent job with
quality control, and they give very fair pricing as well.

Rick, the owner, selects his chain suppliers with great care, and he
knows how to find the best quality chain for the price. There are
many subtle differences in quality between chains that look very much
the same, so knowing what to look for and how to find it can be very
helpful if one is concerned with quality issues.

Downeast does not have the Parisian Wheat chain by that name at any
rate, but they do have one that looks very similar to me which they
call Spiga. Another chain that they sell, which I like a lot, is
called Franco. Get their catalog and check them out.

Ricco Gallery
125 W German St/PO Box 883
Shepherdstown WV 25443