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[Source] Opal doublets


Hi all, I am looking for a source of 8 x 10mm and 6 x 8 mm opal
doublets that are color matched. Vince LaRochelle, Oakridge, OR.


Opex Opal in Santa Barbara, CA has carded, perfectly matched rounds
and ovals, and the prices are great. Numbers: 800-352-4445 (for
orders), and 805-684-4242 (for inquiries).

Matthew Crawford


Just wanted to tell that I was looking for synthetic opals and
received this mail from Ganoksin mail list to which I am subscribed
talking about this Opex guys in California, visited their Website
liked a lot what I saw and sent a mail asking for catalog or prices,
did it three times and received the usual browser auto response
telling me that “your message have been read” but never sent me any
so I wasted my time with this guys, very bad practice I
think, then went to Rio Grande and looked at their Opals, not so
much variety as the guys from Opex but what the heck I needed to buy
some so Rio fulfilled my requirements. I am still looking for more
opals options but not with this guys from Opex.

Thor Hedderich


For opals… doublets try Bill Heher. Rare Earth Mining phone
203-378-8672…Not sure what else he has but very helpful.

Barbara Smith McLaughlin - Handcrafted Fine Jewelry

I am still looking for more opals options but not with this guys
from Opex.

Thor, I buy from Opex a the Intergem shows but I didn’t know that
they did mail-order. They seem to spend most of their time on the
road with gem shows so perhaps that is the response problem. They
usually have some wonderfully priced close-outs at the shows.

Donna in VA


I was able to get some beautiful Gilson opals from Golden
Opportunity, 18333 Dolan Way, Canyon Country, CA 92387, 661 618 7685.
The price was right. You might contact them.

Irv B.

I was able to get some beautiful Gilson opals from Golden
Opportunity, The price was right 

If the original poster needs natural opals, they should avoid
Gilson, which is a synthetic opal. The price had certainly better be
right for them! Kyocera also makes synthetic opal.

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL


Have you tried Darling Gem Imports 800-282-8436 located in Ga.

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold
Tool Sales / Technical
Stuller Inc
Phone 800-877-7777 ext. 94194
Fax 337-262-7791

I was able to get some beautiful Gilson opals from Golden

No offense, but you do realize, I hope, that Gilson opals are
man-made, right?



Thaks Noel for your response, actually for me I think Gilson’s opal
doublets would be a better buy than the original due to the
hardness, “true” opals are very much expensive and require more care
to the final buyer than the sinthetyc product.

Thor Hedderich


Hi Thor,

Can you cut them? If you know how to make cabs, I have the address
of the person that bought the Gilson process somewhere, and you can
buy the rough and cut it pretty cheaply.

There are many types of synthetic opals that claim to be “Gilson
like”, but they are very different. I embed opal in hot glass, and
Gilson is the only one that dosent turn to ash immediately.

At the last intergem show, I was given a sample of some
’not-plastic’ opal, took it home, put it in glass, came back the
nest day to the show and gave it to the dealer. It was a tiny black
dot of carbon in the glass. He was surprised, it was sold to him as

The last time I bought a bunch of Gilson, it was about $15 a ct in
the rough for the good stuff. It, like other stones and rough, comes
in various grades. I also have selections of Opals for sale, if you
are interested in real opal.



I don’t use doublets…well, extremely rarely, but I have a bunch
that i couldn’t keep myself from buying years ago in Tucson. There
are dealers from Asia who sell nothing else. laundry baskets full of
little ziplocks from $5 a package and up to $250. Most of them are
so cheap it’s amazing. Some free form, some calibrated, always color
coordinated. they also sell calibrated parcels. I don’t remember the
names but the last time I was in Tucson ( ages ago) they were showing
at GJX. Get hold of a Tucson show guide or GJX producers and you
should have what you need.


try - -High Country Opal Box 6, Spencer Idaho 83446
Dennis cut polish set all opals mined just a few miles from his
store. good prices good people to work with.

Don in Idaho