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[Source] onyx cut to shape

Does anyone know where I can get onyx cut to specific shapes
according to design? Thank you in advance?

Try Chicago Lapidary 1-312-236-8856.

Dear Chaitana, Sorry I took so long to reply but…it’s here
now. I have used P.Gems at 29 West 47th Street(downstairs)
N.Y,N.Y. 212-921-4288 for a while now and they are very good. I
have not been disappointed by any thing that they have done for
me but all cutters require very precise info or a sample to copy.
Also there is a very good stone house with good prices on good
material , they have many precut unusual shapes… Again you must
know what you want they are Emaco 48 West 48th Street N.Y., N.Y.
10013…212-382-0124…You could also check the back of
Lapidary Journal in the adds there maybe someone close to you…
Hope this helps… Let me know if you need any other info. Back
to the bench I go, best of luck…Lynn Ossa P.S. A local
lapidary club in you area might also be helpful in finding you
someone to trim and cut. I have lapidary equipment and do my own
trimming but never cut the whole stone. I have just not had any
one around to teach me yet…Again regards and hoping that your
quest is successful… Lynn Ossa

Lynn Ossa Rader
mailto: Lrader@IDT.NET
Tel: 212-879-9725