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[Source] Old diamonds

Greetings Orchid Land, A friend has asked me to help restore an old
ring, probably victorian. Two end stones are missing ruby dia ruby
dia ruby. I was writing to inquire if anyone knew where to get 2mm
old mine cut(?) diamonds. They appear to be a faceted dome with
flat back. Upon closer inspection tho - the center 5 stones have the
back cut away, whereas the two ends do not, but are more of a cup.
Do you think pearls went in here? Anyway, my first question stands
for future reference. Thank you, Dina Weavers High-Strung in
rainy Annapolis, MD


I think the diamonds you are referring to are Rose cut. I may have
one or two around here in the size you need. If not, I can refer you
to a dealer in NYC who stocks them.

If you feel like taking a drive on Saturday, why don’t you stop by
the gallery here in Frederick, and I’ll try to match them up for
you. The foliage is at its PEAK this weekend, and I can get you a
great map of the Catoctins.

Doug Zaruba