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[Source] Octagonal 14k bezel

I have searched through all the catalogues from my usual sources,
and am unable to locate a 6x4mm 14k yellow bezel. Does anyone know
where I can purchase these, also it would need to be from a company
without a huge minumum order. If one can not be puchased what would
be the easiest way to go about constructing one, by casting or
fabrication? I am sure many wiser than I have already done this,
any tips would be appreciated. Also since I do not have as much
experience in bezel setting fauceted stones, only cabs, any tips to
get clean results would be appreciated. I feel I am good at bezel
setting, and feel ready to tackle something more difficult, but I am
sure there are tricks I don’t yet know. Thanks in advance.

John, You can get a 6X4mm bezel for faceted stones at Stuller. Their
catalog #20577. They are about $5 each and you can buy only one if
that is what you need. Their phone # is 800-877-7777. They also have
an online catalog,