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[Source] [NYC] Calibrated cab suppliers

Hi there,

Any recommendations for a reliable and good source for Cabs in NYC.

I have been looking for 8x6 Pears and was told that although its a
standard size in other places it is not a standard size. in NY. and
that they would have to be custom made.

Is this true?


You can try Dikra Gems at 56 W 45th st.

Try Dikra Gem Inc New York NY

I have been looking for 8x6 Pears and was told that although its a
standard size in other places it is not a standard size. in NY.
and that they would have to be custom made. 

Have you tried Allan Goldman? 212-869-5370

Elliot Nesterman

Dikra do not have them either…



Try Stratura in Uxbridge, MA. Ask for Mary. She is an amazing
fountain of knowledge.

Good luck, MA

Yes! I was with Allan Goldman today.

They have pear shaped cabs in opaque semi-precious but not in
tranparents. Rhodolite, Peridot,Citrine, Amethyst etc.

And in all cases no 6x8’s. I am so frustrated !! I thought you could
get everything in NYC…

I tried having them made by my bead maker in India but. that didn’t
work out. I wonder if there is a maker here in the states. Nothing is
ever simple in this business.

Thank you for your reply Elliot. Sorry to sound so dreary, I am just
back from the city and I am frustrated and deflated. but NOT

I will figure this out!

I have been to see Diane at Dikra but, she didnt have the sizes I
needed either.

I settled on the cab sizes when I looked up a standard cab chart for
the US but, it seems it wasn’t accurate.

I am going to source them myself in India. The design of my setting
will not work with standard sizes.

Thank you for you suggestion and support. Dikra have a very good
reputation so, they where first on my list.

All the best

Kotel imports, New York City. You can ask specifically for what you
need, they will match stones for you. 

Thank you!! Its worth a try :slight_smile: and not too far from home!

Have a lovely weekend


Thanks to everyone!

I am speechless !! thank you all for your suggestions and direction.

The following are looking very hopeful:

  • Allan Goldman/ Getting back to me with prices

  • Kotel Importers NYC/ Looking very promising (Thanks Richard) I
    will call them Monday.

  • Stratura in Uxbridge, Had 6x8 Amethyst cabs but, could not source
    other stones I needed. They said that 6x8 was a standard US size.
    so, there you go. Ellie at Stratura suggested Stuller and lone and
    behold they had Pear shaped cabs!!!

They also have a special order system available when other sizes are
required. I will have to get an account to find out prices. (Thanks

  • R Gems NYC: So good to know that the exist!! One of the first Gem
    cutting business’s in NYC. I am sure they will be able to help me.
    (Thanks Kathy)

All other suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: Thank you all so very much!

I would like to give my business to an American based company if at
all possible and thanks to you all it looks like I will be able to
do that.

Thank you all for being so helpful and kind


Darlene Imports. Huge selection.

Might be a great company out there called Darlene Imports but I
think you might mean Darling Gem Imports. They do have a huge
selection. Gary

Re: calibrated stones,
Sorry, spell check…

Zarlene Imports

No Gary,
I have bought from both.
Darlene has 2, 2.5, 3, 3 1/2, ect.
Facet and cabs, and, citrine, amber, iolite, blue topaz, diopside,
moonstone, rhodochrosite, ect.
I manufactured, used dozens of types.

Like being corrected Richard. Looks like a great source