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[Source] Nickel Silver, rod and sheet

Hello all,

I’ve been asked to look into doing a reproduction of a belt buckle,
that was made in steel orriginally, but it has been suggested that I
look into doing it in Nickel-Silver. And it seems I can’t find
nickel-silver rod stock for love nor money. I would rather not have
to do it in steel, that would be a pain, I haven’t welded steel since
high school! (Well, intentionaly anyway…)

If it’s in Toronto (Canada) all the better.



You might try Indian Jewelers Supply

I believe they carry quite a bit of ns stock.


Try T.B. Hagstoz and Son

David Luck

Here are a couple of sites have some odd sized shape and small amounts. In their metals catalog an almost never
ending assortment. And of course the place for things that are hard
to find. Along with any of the grobet
dealers have a small tube package Nik/sil rid in a tube. He is the
one of the local grobet dealers with a web site. you can try your local welding shop they
may have some gas rod for nickel silver.

been there done that !

MetalExpress stocks 4 sizes of alloy 792
rod (3?16,7/32,5/16 and 1/2)

I have bought sheet from IJS

You shouldn’t have trouble finding this in New England—see thomas
register or suppliers list at