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[Source] New York gold-fill vendors?


I’ve been trying to find a good vendor in manhattan who does 14/20
gold-fill - I’ve been using vermeil for some cast stacking rings but
they seem to wear off quickly for my customers within one month.

Anyone have any suggestions? I’d also consider shipping them if
someone knows a good source [that preferably has a website]

thank you!


You mentioned that the plating wears off after about 1 month. What
is your plating substrate? Also how thick is your decorative gold


Hi Paul,

I use Sterling Silver as a base and sent it to Dan Kane Plating, a
local new york vendor, who was recommended by two jewelers. I simply
asked for Vermeil and trust that they actually do it so I have no
idea how thick it is. They do not have any official paperwork.

So true vermeil should not rub off this quickly even if a ring is
worn frequently? I am aware it’s best not to use vermeil for rings
but I wanted to keep the price low for my target customers.


Sorry so late in replying. Not sure if I’ve missed someone else
bringing it up. But here I go anyway…

I didn’t think gold fill could be cast.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.