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[Source] Mother of pearl nuggets


I am seeking mother of pearl nuggets of various sizes and also
faceted = crystal beads with 24 kt. lining. My source no longer has
either = available. Any resource suggestions would be greatly

Razine M. Wenneker, Manager
Ellie Rose LINK-ABLE Designs, L.L.C.
Email: @Razine_Wenneker1


Dear Razine, Are you looking for “abalone pearls?” Try Pacific
Coast Pearls: 1435 Pheasant Dr., Petaluma, CA 94954 USA;
707-766-9707. Spotted them last year at GJX in Tucson. They may be
what you want. They are excellent to lower quality. . .and priced
accordingly. And call Bella Findings in Los Angeles for the
gold-lined crystals. They carry a huge quantity of beads, findings.
They don’t go to any shows. . .they don’t need to. Like in the best
bakeries, etc. you take a number because of the sheer numbers of
clientele waiting to be helped. I know they carry Swarovski. If
they don’t have, they may be able to tell you who to call: 607 S.
Hill, Arcade #6, LA, CA 90014; 213-629-4840.

Usual disclaimer. . .but a happy Bella’s customer.

Kay Taylor