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[Source] Mother of pearl cabochons

I’m looking for a source of cabochons in mother of pearl that are
dead flat top and bottom. There are some that claim to be flat but
are slightly domed.

Also, can anyone give me advice on dyeing white mother of pearl.

Silver Artisans

I usually get my mother of pearl cabochons from Rio Grande. They are
perfectly flat–top and bottom and quite thin. I have not checked
their recent catalog, so am not sure they still carry them. They
used to have them in white, and also in black (actually a dark
gray). Alma


Check with Hong Kong Lapidaries in Coral Springs, Fl. Their catalog
shows they carry flat top cabs.


Hi Reba, thanks for the response.

We have been customers of Hong Kong Lapidaries for many years and
have purchased “flat top” cabs. The only problem is they are not
flat, they are slightly domed.

The search goes on for dead flat mother of pearl cabs.

Silver Artisans