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[Source] Montanna sapphires

Does anyone know where to buy Montana sapphires? I’m looking for a
3/4-1 carat white sapphire from Montana, with a certificate/report.
Thanks for your help. Marya


Contact Don Baide at The Gem Gallery in Bozeman. He has the largest
selection of both Montana, and Yogo sapphires I have seen anywhere.

If he doesn’t have it in stock, he’ll get it for you quickly.

Michelle Bernard

Hi Marya,

I have purchased numerous blue and green Montana sapphires from Bob
Miller, but don’t know if he carries much white sapphire. FYI, he
also carries Idaho opal. Here’s his contact info:

Bob Miller’s Bedrock
2615 N Fourth St
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
(208) 769-7061
(800) 898-4495

Good luck!
Bonnie Cooper

P. S. I think we met when I was doing classes at Revere. Hope things
are going well for you.

I don’t have time to give a detail reply now, but look for a jewelry
store in Lewistown MT. There are a few that deal with sapphires, and
will treat you right. I used to live in Winifred, near there.