[Source] Mokume gane wedding bands

I have a customer interested in a mokume gane wedding band (or 2).
Any one currently making them…I need prices.

Mary Frances

John Dach <john [ Change to @ ] mlce.net>

James Binnion in Seattle WA - his is his speciality.

John DachFrom: “Jennifer Friedman” <jenenamel [ Change to @ ] sbcglobal.net>

Hi Mary,

Try either David B. Anderson or Chris Ploof

they both do beautiful Mokume Gane work.

Jennifer Friedman

From: “D. Christine Lehmkuhl” <d.c.lehmkuhl [ Change to @ ] pobox.com>

You want to talk to Chris Ploof. www.chrisploof.com Wedding bands R

From: “R.E.Rourke” <vieuxcarrejewelers [ Change to @ ] gmail.com>

chrisploof.com, andrewnyce.com, hooverandstrong.com, riogrande.com.
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From: Jo-Ann <jjdon [ Change to @ ] pacbell.net>

Hi Mary,

James Binnion, http://www.mokume-gane.com This a wonderful source on
mokume and he knows just about all on the subject. Plus his work
will last for a long time… No $$$ affiliation here- just a
longstanding workmanship…

Jo-Ann & John Donivan

I’ll add my vote for Jim Binnion. I have a new wedding ring, since
the iron/gold mix didn’t work for my body. Basically, I ate my
wedding ring. Now I have a new one with with titanium and zirconium
and 22 gold rails. It’s beautiful and the mokume keeps changing
color and the patterns become crisper and more distinct. The titanium
metal match is a nice metaphor since my tools are also titanium. This
is from the new XPM or Strataband. I like the versatility of this