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[Source] Metal seed beeds

Can anyone help me with a source of metal seed beeds? I’m looking
for sterling, copper, brass and/or golf filled in assorted seed bead
sizes (8, 10’s, etc.). I am aware of steel cut vintage seed beads
but am looking for some that are currently manufactured, consistently
sized and readily available. Thank you all in advance; I love this
forum … go to it every day! Stacy in NYC

For metal seed beads - try any bead catalog that sells Delicas, which
are reknowned for their uniformity. Fire Mountain Gems is a good
source. Be warned - Delicas are costly. Fire Mountain also carries
Dynamites, I have used their metal bugle beads, which I love.

Donna Marie

Delicas, though, are made from glass, although they do have some that
are 22k gold and white - I don’t recall whether it’s a coating or a
layer underneath a top layer of clear glass or what. I, too, am
extremely interested in any precious metal seed beads that are
available - I do fine woven bead work but have never seen any for
sale, except the antiques.