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[Source] Magnetic pin backs

Can anyone recommend a source for a really strong magnetic pin back
thingy? I have two really, really heavy pins and while I could solder
on a pin back, I would rather not have a pin stem that would show.

I thought two magnet sets, one on each side would do the trick.

Thanks in advance!

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K&J Magnetics, sells many styles of
neodymium-iron-boron magnets. Very powerful. For pin backs, less
than $0.10 apiece. They tend to be nickel plated, which may be a
problem. Can be plastic coated. Lose their magnetism above about 80
degrees C (176 degrees F).


Not sure whether someone posted this or not, but strong magnets can
adversely affect people w/ pacemakers and perhaps (can’t remember)
other medical devices. You might want to post a notice or warning if
you go ahead w/ using them.

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