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[Source] Loop in Loop chain supplies

Does anyone know of a supplier of fine or sterling silver rings that
are already fused, soldered or manufactured for making loop-in-loop

Tony Konrath

Hi Tony,

Does anyone know of a supplier of fine or sterling silver rings
that are already fused, soldered or manufactured for making
loop-in-loop chains? 

I’d be very surprised if anyone did since the dimensions of each
loop are very integral to the dimensions and construction of the
finished chain… but then maybe I’m wrong.

I make loop in loop chains… you can see them on my website… click on gallery, then chains
and neckpieces…if you wish. Could even make you some loops if you
really want and can tell me what sort of loop in loop chain you want
to end up with and what diameter etc.

It took some experimenting to get the right thickness of wire and
diam of loop before I was happy with the results. They are all in
fine silver (I find sterling just too hard to work) though they are
soldered with hard silver solder. Also found fusing made the links
too rough… wasn’t able to master that method to my satisfaction.
These are very smooth and evenly flexible.

Haven’t sold many since loop in loop chains are now available
machine made but it gives me pleasure to make them.

Contact me offline if you wish to know more.

Cheers, Renate

Hey Tony,

search for “jump ring” an etsy seller has some but your
going to need a lot of them. Making them yourself would be much less
expensive as well as giving you control over the look of the chain
by varying jump ring size and/or wire diameter.

Jim Doherty


It’s so easy to make fused fine silver rings from which to make
loop-in-loop chains that you should make your own. Instructions and
photos showing how to do this are in web site under
free projects. I believe on page three (3) now.

If you have any questions after reading the project
please contace me.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, I’m teaching two classes in
advanced chain making at the William Holland School the we= eks of 19
& 26 October. Come to school and spend a week making loop-in-loop
chains. Cost of school is $310 per week for room with private bath,
all meals and instruction. The only additional cost if for the
materials used in class - fine and sterling silver.

Howard Siegel

If you’re looking for jumprings, not soldered, I make my own and
also sell in 22-12awg round wire jumprings, in very tiny inside
diameter increments(.04-.06mm), not just fractions, from 1.5mm up to
12mm ID. Material available currently; Argentium Silver, copper, red
brass, yellow brass and nickel silver, all the gages mentioned,
includes odd gages…also custom drawn gages for graduated chain

I also make up the mandrel sets so you can start making your
own…coiling and cutting your own jumprings is the most cost
effective and very handy if you do any experimenting with chain
weaves. Full mandrel sets are 104 sizes, 1/16 to 1/2 inch.

Workshops, for the beginner to advanced chainsmithing also keep me
busy, but I love it. Contact me at 541-273-1102, Klamath Falls,
Oregon…I’m available in my shop 9am to 6pm weekdays.

Charlie Wyckoff