[Source] Looking for grey pearls

Do any of you good Orchid people have a source for small (5mm,6mm)
round,sort of round, or button shaped pearls in a grey color? I scour
the web endlessly and finally hit myself upside the head (at which
point the light bulb goes on) and realize I should of asked you guys
to begin with.

NET in Iowa, I saw some tractors (John Deere of course) out in the
fields today with their discs on. Gettin ready for the corn.

I get all my pearls from Majestic Pearl and Stone in NYC. You can
call and they will send what you need. Ask for Jan Wang or John
Huang, as many there do not speak English.

    Majestic Pearl
    65 W. 36th St.
    (212) 684-1963
    (888) 279-3398

They are great people - good luck! Gini

I know of 2 reputable stone dealers that carry pearls. Robert
Shapiro in Wisconsin and Betty Sue King in (I think) California. If
you need their phone numbers please call me during the week at (201)
541 4160 or email me at @jdfindings or
benad@mindspring.com and I can supply you with their phone numbers.
I am at home now and their numbers are in my office. Please let them
know that Diane Sadel recommended them . I am sure you will find what
you need, Diane


I order mine from Honk-Kong from a company called:

Win Sun Jewellery Co.,Ltd
Attn: Hesan Choi
Room 806 concordia plaza, 
No. 1 Science Museum Rd.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel  (852) 2369 2380
Fax (852) 2369 1995

Ask for price per KG, not for price by PC!!! You will save cost getting the
pearls directly from the sourceā€¦:slight_smile: