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[Source][London] Jewellery cases

Hi Tina here, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good supplier of
good quality Jewellery presentation boxes in London. Cant get anything
worthy here in Dublin. I looking in particular for Big square
necklace boxes with leatherette coverings, and satin interiors, and I
would like a mounted feature so`s the necklaces sit nicely inside. I
would be very grateful, for any replies.

All the best
Dublin, Ireland

Hi Tina,

I remember seeing some of your work on “Off the Rails” on RTE a
while back, and I think I know the type of box you are looking for.
You could try Just Brother, Vale Road, London N4 1NG; Noble Gift
Packaging Ltd., Mount Pleasant Hill, London, E5 9ND ; Talbots Ltd.,
Princip Street, Birmingham, B4 6NL or Boxpads Ltd., Camden Street,
Birmingham, B1 3BT all in the UK, or try David Kenny in Boyle, Co.
Roscommon, whom I have found to be very reasonable.

These type of boxes are not cheap as boxes go, but to realy save
money you have to buy in large quantities, most companies will quote
per box, per 10, per 100 and per 1000.

Hope this helps,
Neil KilBane.

Hey Neil,

Thanks for info, I will follow up on that. Cant believe you remember
the show, just out of sheer curiosity, what made you remember my
name? You know it must be two years since it went out? What kind of
work do you do? You should contact them yourself if you are living
here in Eire. Let me know if you are interested and I`ll pass on a
contact to you.

Thanks once again

Hi Tina

I work in London and go into Hatton Garden about once a week. There
are 2 shops there who sell presentation-boxes for jewellery (good
wide ranges and they sell anything from 1 box to bulk). I don’t have
their details now and I don’t think they sell over the internet, but
I know they do mailorder. If you like, I can pick you up a brochure
next time I go and post it out to you?

Let me know if this would be helpful

Steel Orchids

Yes Mary that would be great! Would you pass me on your email
address, and I will give you my home address? Another enquiry Mary, do
you know of any suppliers of Chain sold by the metre in London. My one
supplier here in Dublin is very limited in styles, and very pricey.
“Thanks so much for you help”


Hi Tina. you could try for your loose
chain (and almost anything else). I tried emailing you off list but
could not get the message sent.

cheers, Ruth in Nottingham.

Have you looked at Cooksons website for chain - ?

And I’ve used Pollards in Cornwall for jewellery boxes -


Hi Tina,

I have to blame the wife here, she controls the telly in our house,
though she won’t admit it, and we end up watching Home and Away,
Emerdale, Corrie and Fair City then she has Off the Rails and Beyond
the Hall Door, God it makes us sound like a right couple of couch
potatoes, any the only thing that catches my eye is if anything
jewellery related comes on, which isn’t too often, but I tend to
remember these things.

You are looking for a source of silver chain, I presume your Dublin
source is Cooksons Precious Metal, 101 Grafton Street, Dublin 2,
although, to me, their selection was always good. Another company
that I have had dealings with is Curteis of England Ltd, Ellesmere,
Shropshire, SY12 9EG, they do hand made and machine made chain and
will sell finished chain or by length. I have always found Hugh
Curteis to be very good to deal with his company has a very personal
feel to it. They have a website but you need to be registered with
them to gain access, they do mail order and no minimum order, as far
as I am aware.

Hope this helps,
Neil KilBane



no connection etc.

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023

Does anyone know where I can get hold of boxes/cases which would be
large enough for tiaras - they would need to be approx the same
size as a necklet box (approx 12cm x 12cm), but quite a bit deeper -
anything from 5 - 15cm deep. At the moment I’m having to buy boxes
from department stores and card shops for my tiaras, and they look
nowhere near as nice as the packaging I’ve found for smaller items
(as well as working out more expensive!).

I’m based in the UK, but would also by via mail-order from overseas.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Thanks Mary
Steel Orchids