[Source] Large oval garnet cab

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve read or posted. I really have
some catching up to do! Anyway… I have a question that’s
hopefully fairly simple. I have a customer that wants a piece that
will have a large oval garnet cab on the front of it, like maybe 20mm
or 25mm long. I buy most of my things from Rio, but that seems to not
be a stocked item there. Does anyone have recommendations for stone
suppliers (preferably accessible on the web) that I could look to
for a reliably nice stone of that size? I know I can scour the web &
find places (one that I found on the web, for instance, was
justgemstones.com, but I don’t know anything about them), but before
I buy from someone unknown to me I’d like to get some
recommendations from trusted souls. :slight_smile: Thanks, and I hope everyone’s
having a great holiday!

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Dikra Gem in NYC - dikragem.net - is really wonderful as a supplier
and would likely have exactly what you’re looking for. David Kramer
is very reputable (I get about 90% of my colored stones from him) and
his prices and quality are excellent. He does mail order / memo.

Feel free to tell him I referred you to him - I think you’ll be
pleased. I’m a longtime very satisfied customer.

Karen Goeller

Check out:
Joseph P. Stachura in Uxbridge MA.

website and catalog available.

Tim Roark Inc
1401 Peachtree Street NE # 234,
Atlanta, GA 30309
trimports at aol do com
(404) 872-8937

No website, that I know of, but great stones in a wide range of
prices. They have been a great source of gemstones for me in the

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses