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[Source] Large gem jars?

I wonder if anyone can help me. I have several large stones that
won’t fit into the usual gem jars. I have searched for larger
containers but haven’t had any luck so far, do large gem jars exist
and where can I purchase them? If those don’t exist, how do you
store your large stones? The stones I don’t find any jars for measure
approximately 25mm x 23mm x 16mm

Thank you

Isabella Pasche
Arlisa Bijoux


If those don't exist, how do you store your large stones? 

I use small zip lock bags, and the boxed felt display trays. For me
it was even cheaper than buying the little jars.



In the fishing department of sporting goods stores you can find
innumerable small plastic boxes designed to hold fishing lures,
weights, etc. These have customizable sections that you can make
large or small. The whole thing is made of transparent or translucent
plastic, making it easy to see what’s in each compartment without
having to open the container. The containers come in various sizes
and configurations; I’ve used them for years to store my rough
faceting material, and, with a cotton ball placed in each to store my
larger faceted gems. Many tool supply places carry these boxes for
storing small odds and ends.

Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter

In most veading stores they have plastic containers for storing
beads, I picked up 3 of them the other day. They have slotted areas,
a lid. All my larger stones fit perfectly and cannot come out because
of the lid.