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[Source] Labradorite

Hello everyone

looking for labradorite stone to make jewelry does anybody knows
sources in the U.S and California?


Just go on EBAY under Jewelry, Watches. Then pick You’ll
be directed to all the stones you can handle. There’s a lot of
stones that will interest you at a fair price. Labradorite is a soft
stone, so if made into a ring protect it as much as you can. The only
other thing about this stone is positioning it to see the great flash
of color.

I don’t know how available it might be, but we bought a slab at a
local rock/counter,etc. shop for about $32.00. Don’t really know the
price as we also got a large oval (sink drop???) and the 2 pieces
cost $50.00. We have the piece of Lab. on the counter next to the
stove for hot pots and suck (yah, sort of a waste of a beautiful
piece of stone, but, what can I say,. We both get to look at 2-3+
times a day while cooking!!! So, check with a local stone
counter shop and see if they ever have drops (sink holes) that they
might sell (or give) you. Our piece is absolutely beautify. We both
wish we had the $$$ to get a slab for a counter piece somewhere.

John Dach

The Gem Shop, Cedarburg, WI 263-377-4666

Try optima Gems in CA. Great people to work with.

Actually, I saw a labradorite countertop, made of large (width by
length) pieces of labradorite, all oriented properly to “flash”, and
held by some type of resin. Take a look at the “Concetto” collection
by CaesarStone. I didn’t ask about the price. :slight_smile:

I had never heard of such a thing until about 2 weeks ago. This
woman ata show told me she had counter tops made from labradorite
and that they aroften having it filled with resin where chunks get
knocked out. I should have suggested she make jewelry with the
remnants or send them to me.

Obviously much too fragile for this application. I bet it’s
gorgeous, though!


The people at Finnish Spectrolite are very nice to do business with

Spectrolite is a form of labradorite with a wider range of very
saturated colors.


labradorite is a feldspar; most countertops, foyers, building
facades, etc, are usually larvikite, also a feldspar but with mostly
blue ‘fire’. labradorite’s almost endless choice of color makes it
one of my all-time favorites to cut for jewelry. however, most of the
rough on the market has been mined by blasting - requiring more
grinding and sanding because of its ‘every-which-way’ cleavage -
don’t drop a prize piece on a hard floor before you’ve got it trapped
in a bezel!

‘fire’ in labradorite comes in cobalt and lighter blue, purple,
green, turquoise, pink, peach, gold, lime green, and combinations.
some labradorite also has diagonal stripes (always diagonal because
the best fire shows at that direction) - color breaks - across the
face. ‘fire’ is directional - a slab with best fire showing one way,
you have to flip end-over-end to see it best on the reverse (like a
coin’s obverse and reverse). spectrolite is more intensely blue and
is dense enough to cut in thinner slabs but still has the cleavage
thingy going with it.

try it -