[Source] Labradorite suppliers are in Jaipur

Hi there, Most of the good labradorite suppliers are in Jaipur, but
ifyou don’t feel like taking a trip to India for a $5 stone try ebay.
Searchlabradorite 11mm and I bet you’ll find one, if not a small lot
so you can pick the best. I buy and sell a lot of stones on ebay and
despite the occasional bluff stone I get way better deals than the
links usually provided byfolks here. In fact I wonder if anyone
actually buys stones from these places or if they just post those
links because they don’t want to divulge their real sources. I’ve
spent the last 15 years or so travelling the world and the internets
finding the best sources for stones at the best price, and I consider
my sources a closely guarded secret, but for a small lab cab I would
look on ebay.

Good luck,