[Source] Labradorite cab

Hello Orchidians,

I am looking for a good quality Labradorite cab for a ring -
smallish - probably no larger than 10 - 12 mm. This is what my son
wants in place of a run- of- the- mill college graduation ring.
Design ideas appreciated as well. A slightly organic look is what I’m
after. This will be something to mark the achievement so resembling a
college graduation piece is not important.

Thanks so much!
Cyndy Wolf

Check with Rio grande.

Caution! Labradorite is fragile and really not hard enough for use
in a ring. A cab will have a very short time in one piece, I’m

Dick D.

Check out Stachura…

They’re fab folks to work with, just give them a call.


The best supplier for all designer cabochons and cabochons iwth
greatstones, very well cut and excellent customer service 100%
natural is Dikra Gem Inc on west 45th Street in New York NY They
were the smash hit of the GJX show in Tuscon. See dikragem.net They
have a huge variety of well cut stones

Lee Horowitz, M.Ed,CAGS, Gemologist
Horowitz Co-KCIG Co Ltd
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

Marvin and Theresa Schwartz, The Bead Warehouse, Silver Spring MD



I didn’t realize that Labradorite would be too fragile to last long
in a ring worn every day. Thank you for bringing it to my attention
Richard and others. I guess my new request would be for suggestions
for other harder, more resilient stones that may have similar visual
characteristics. I’m thinking maybe iolite or other greenish, bluish
or grayish stones. My son wants an unusual stone. Something apart
from the ordinary.

Many thanks to all of you

A very unique stone is color change garnets that we have coming from
Coast Province Kenya They are hard, durable and very unusual and
rare The alexandrite type color changes in blue-green to red-purple
are the raraiest of all. However there are many other colro changes
as well if you want something unusual. Please do not hesitatae to
contact me

Lee Horowitz, M.Ed,CAGS, Gemologist
Peru Blue Opal Ltd