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[Source] King's Manassa turquoise rough

As always, turning to those who help the most. I’m looking for a
source of King’s Manassa turquoise. Preferably rough, though if not
available, will take finished cabs. Any help will be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance, John Barton

Manassa turquoise rough? Are you on crack? But, if you do find some
let me know . Check out for some great Kingman area
rough and I think he has some Nevada. Bisbee I have. Morenci is no
trick. I’ve heard rumor of some SoAz turq I haven’t seen yet and a
friend is working on getting some Colorado stone. Turquoise is an
addiction. Sam Patania, Tucson

Every year in Tucson I buy finished cabs of Kings’ Manassa turquoise
from Larry Cooley, PO Bx E, Sparks NV 89432 775-358-0685. This
year I found him on Congress Street in the only tent there.

This is the same mine that was originally patented as the Lick
Skillet mine. It is located close to Manassa, in the Pagosa Springs
area of Southern Colorado.

Given the amount of cabs that Larry has each year, I’d have to guess
that he has the rough too - but I don’t know if he sells it.

Judy Hoch