[Source] Jewelry displays & Packaging supplies

Several people on this forum have commented on what a great company
Rio Grande is to deal with, and I agree. Their service & selection is
excellent, and the few times I’ve had a problem with a product, or
wanted to return an item for whatever reason, customer service
immediately sent a pre-paid return ticket to me, no questions asked.
Additionally, from what I understand Rio pays their employees fairly
well, too.

However, there is a cost associated with all these benefits, and
naturally that cost is passed on to Rio’s customers. Sometimes I’m
willing to bear that cost, and sometimes I’m not.

When I do NOT need something shipped out the same day, and
especially if I can wait a week or so for them to get it in stock, I
now order nearly all my packaging & display needs from a south
Florida company called Box Stylist. They have a 300 + page packaging
catalog, and the best prices I’ve found–about half the price of Rio
Grande. I think it’s mostly a matter of lower overhead = lower

Call (954) 575-8000 and ask for Robin. No association, just a
satisfied customer.

That said, when you absolutely positively have to have it overnight,
Rio (or Stuller) are (IMHO) your best bet.


Do they have a website you are aware of Doug?

Yes, they do have a website, at boxlady.net

That said, even with a broadband connection, I still find it much
easier to flip through their catalog to find what I want versus
clicking on one website page after another.

Additionally, though they’ve got a decent website (and at least it
will give you some idea of their prices), there is a LOT of stuff in
the catalog that is NOT on the website. Take for instance
cotton-filled boxes: on the website they have them pictured in gold,
but in the catalog they have them pictured in 14 different colors.

If you like what you see on the website I’d call them and request a
catalog (954) 575-8000, or I’m sure you can contact them via email
from the site and request a catalog that way, too.