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[Source] Jewelry Boxes

Does anyone have a good (and preferably inexpensive :wink: mail order source
for jewelry boxes? I’m looking for the standard no-frills white boxes
with cotton, in different sizes.

Thank you all in advance.

I might be able to send you a few … just give me an idea of how much you
want to spend including sales and express. Shalom from Israel Sheldon

Mona -

I’ve found I can get mine cheaper if I buy from the local box stores. The
stores that advertise moving/packing boxes carry all kinds and sometimes,
even, the very nicely decorated ones at good prices. They also can get -
or have - sizes that don’t seem to be available from some of the mail
order places. You must buy by the case to get the best prices though.

Nancy <@nbwidmer>
ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

Gem-o-Rama is a great source for CHEAP white boxes in quantity of 25 or
100. These are NO FRILL boxes but work the trick for me for many years.
This company is also an EXCELLENT resource for stone beads. They always
have “closeout” deals (617)749-8250 or (800) 878-1903 for orders. Joy in