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[Source] Jewellery making machines


I am looking for suppliers of jewellery making machines worldwide
using the lost wax casting process, that is : casting machines,
dewaxing furnaces of plster molds, plaster mixing machines and waxing
machines. Any greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Corinne JEGOU

CTIF (technical center for foundry industries)
44, avenue de la Division Leclerc
92318 S�vres cedex
E-mail :
Fax :  33 1 45 34 14 34


There are a couple of sources you might like to try:

AJM Magazine’s Annual Technology Sourcebook normally includes a
casting section. You should find suppliers as well as descriptions of
a variety of casting equipment there. Contact AJM at for a copy of the most recent sourcebook. (It’s
the November issue of AJM.)

MJSA’s Buyers’ Guide. This book, published every other year, includes
listings for MJSA members who sell jewelry making equipment. A
separate section lists suppliers of casting equipment. The book is
sold for $25 plus shipping. Call 401-274-3840 or 800-444-MJSA for more

You can also check MJSA’s database on the Web by using their
ReferralNet search function on their Web site at I don’t believe you need to be a member to
use this search engine, and it will bring up just about everybody that
you can find through the Buyer’s Guide.

Hope that helps!


Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (520) 563-8255