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[Source] Jet Beads and Cabs


Hi guys, I hope someone out there can help me. I have recently
had several requests from some regular customers for pieces made
with jet beads and for jet cabs. Does anyone out there know of a
source for the real thing. All of my bead suppliers only sell
the jet glass beads and this is not what my customers want.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Lynn Bell
Crystal Legends



A great source for Jet is Anderson’s Trading Company, (505)
726-8452. I’m not sure if they have cabs, but they have a wide
variety of beads.

Tammi Johnson


I recently bought some jet beads from Caldron Crafts, in
Catonsville MD. She said they were native Pannsylvania jet from
a local supplier.

Their phone number is: 410-744- 2155 and e-mail is

Janet Kofoed
fine handcrafted jewelry


I was at Thunderbird Supplies in Gallup recently and remember
seeing some rough jet. They may have beads etc., or willput you
in touch with someone who will cut them for you. They’re nice
folks to do business with and hopefully you’ll find what you

Can you cut them yourself? Its fairley easy and may take less
time to do your own than search and search and search.

Good Luck!
Joyce Albers