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[Source] Invisible set- cut diamonds

I am in desperate need of a supplier of invisible set- cut
diamonds… @2mm. square diamonds with the grooves cut for
invisible settings…these are for repairs, of which
(unfortunately) a large percentage are invisible set rings with
missing stones! I do not wish to send the rings out for repair, I
can set them if I have the stones!..

Katie Harmon
P.O. Box 3587
Brentwood, TN 37024

Hi Katie, From what I understand the process of cutting grooves in
the diamonds for an easier, cheaper way of setting is copyrighted by
Michael Anthony Jewelers in Mount Vernon, NY. If you contact them,
they might be able to advise on what to do about these repairs or
getting these diamonds: - under
contact us there is a list of emails for various departments. 115
South Macquesten Pkwy. Mount Vernon, NY 10550 1-800-966-8800


I’m not familiar with Michael Anthony’s connection with invisible
set stones (I would think it would have to be a patent, not a
copyright, because it has to do with the technique of setting, rather
than the appearance of the piece), but for more on
invisible cut diamonds, you might be interested in an article by
Arthur Skuratowicz in the October 2002 issue of AJM magazine in which
he describes the process of invisible setting, including the process
of cutting the grooves in the diamonds.

Alas, while Arthur describes how the grooves are cut, he doesn’t
mention anyone who sells them pre-grooved. I hope someone else will
be able to direct you to a source of supply.

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

Dear Suzanne, I have purchased CZs cut for invisible setting but not
diamonds. A collogue of my has found a source for many of his diamond
replacement nees. They also make invisible set diamond jewelry. The
company is Baguette World. Their web site is:

Good Luck,
Todd Hawkinson
T.R. the Teacher

They sell the groove making machine. I think I saw it advertised in
AJM. Maybe it is too expensive but you might be able to get a hold of
the company that makes the machine and hook up with one of their
customers. Iam sure they have a customer list.

Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio