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[Source] Hyperfin or blue hubble polish

Where do you purchase Hyperfin or blue hubble polish?

Hyperfin is a stainless steel polish formed into a solid white bar.
It is made in Australia and can be gotten from FERRO POLISHERS, in
AU. Blue Hubble is definitely NOT worth the cost for the action you
get which includes a lot of cut which you don’t want in a polish.
Hyperfin gives you a near mirror finish without the cut (i don’t
think it has any abrasive in the formulation. DO NOT USE ANOTHER BUFF
that had any compound loaded into it, Always dedicate a buff for the
stainless label it and keep separated to prevent contamination of
your precious / non-ferrous materials at the grinding polishing
station in your studio… Call them at *61 (country code) 2 9534-1155
to buy directly or for their nearest to you distributor’s contact
info. and while you have them on the phone inquire about “samples” of
their other compound/polishes or whatever else you want that they

Welding supply dealers tend to carry it more-so than the Blue Hubble
so try your local dealers first as it is an imported item not
intended for the jewelry trade so most jewellery supply vendors don’t
have it. If you need more info feel free to cotact me off list. Oh,
btw try to get a few people that are equally interested in the stuff
(even folk with stainless counters or appliances as well as metalwork
businesses in your area may be targeted!) because other than a single
sample bar, you may need to purchase far more than you dreamed you
would need - in a lifetime… rer .

Hi Google Ferro Finishing they are the manufacturers. They are in
Australia but can supply OS orders.

all the best