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[Source] High-quality new damascene


I’m looking for a high-quality, new(?) damascene tie-tack or tie
bar. We visited a shop in Toledo, Spain, 3 years ago, where men were
doing damascene work, the shopkeeper was VERY knowledgeable, and the
shop sold wonderful (and unaffordable-by-me) large plates with
high-karat gold and silver hammered in dense, amazing geometric
designs. I foolishly did not commission them to make a small pendant
(which I’d have had made into a tie-tack for my husband, here in the
US). Does anyone know where I might now be able to purchase or
commission such a piece?

Helen Kivnick


Hi Helen,

I recommend that you contact Namu - he is an incredible designer and
craftsmen and specializes in damascene and damascus work. His web
address: He is based in Maryland.

Donna Hiebert Design