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[Source] Hematite beads

I am looking for 11mm hematite beads. I actually have one, and
probably had it for many years, but having trouble getting that
size. Any clues. 10 mm could work, but 11 is optimal.

Megin Diamond Designs

Shipwreck Beads in Olympia Washington used to have a good supply of
Hematite beads, and may still carry them. They do have a website. .
One word of caution though. Some that I received some months ago were
so strongly magnatized that I had to return them as I was concerned
about selling them to customers who wore pacemakers. Shipwreck is
good about returns and exchanges.


Have you looked at Fire Mountain? I know they carry a wide range of
hematite beads. If you don’t see what you want on the website you
might call them.

Beth in SC

Thanks Alma, Shipwreck Beads seems an excellent source for many
beads. On their site they have 10 & 12mm hematite beads, but not 11.
I’ll be intouch with them about the possibilities this week.

Megin Diamond Designs