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[Source] Gun Blueing

Can anyone tell me where i might order some gun blueing? Bob

Can anyone tell me where i might order some gun blueing? Bob

Being an engraver, I engrave a lot of firearms
and afterward they require bluing. I used to do this myself
before I came back to the big city where there are loads of
people to do this bluing. Anyway, to my point- There is a company
in Montezuma, Iowa called Brownell’s that is a supplier for
gunsmiths, etc. I don’t have their phone number handy, but they
are listed. They are probably the preeminent supplier for this
type of thing in the US. They have a really good cold blue
called Dicro-pan, I think. They can help you out. Hope this
helps. Regards-RL


If you want cold blue you can get it at Walley World (Wal-Mart)
in the sporting goods section. It is made by Birchwood Casey I
think. The other kind of blueing is a controlled rusting done
with salts and a controlled atmosphere. It only works on
ferrous metals and requires knowledge and equipment ($). Hope
this helps.



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

Rio sells a plating solution called gun metal black, good for a
shiny black finish on gold.Mark P.