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[Source] Green river stones


A while back, I purchased a “handful” of green river stones from a
fellow workshop student who had bought a shoebox full on eBay. I’ve
used all of mine, she needs the few she has remaining, and I’ve not
been able to find another source, despite monitoring eBay and several
hours of google searching. I’ve been to several quarry / rock sources
and none of them have any clue where to get them. So i’m coming to
you in hopes that you might know where I could get more!

The stones range in size from about 1/2" - 1-1/2" and are rounded
rather than jagged… a nice light mint green and somewhat porous.

You can see a sample of the rocks i’m looking for at:

the center piece is sea glass - i’m looking for the rounded rocks on
either side.

My Google searching lead to some references that these rocks are
found in Indonesia, but I’m not really certain of that.

Any leads will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry


Western Washington beaches are primarily beaches of stones and
pebbles. I am no longer a resident of Washington state, but remember
longing for sandy beaches, rather than the pesky rock beaches of
Puget Sound. Start googling Puget Sound beach pebbles and you may
find something. Owens Beach in Tacoma, Alki Beach in West Seattle.
All of the San Juan Islands; Port Townsend; the Olympic Penninsula.
Wouldn’t you have a blast travelling there looking for rocks. Check
w/ the gov., tho. There may be regulations, some limitations. Maybe
even NO collecting on certain beaches.

Kay Taylor

An artist on Grenada sent me some material to identify that fits
your description. they call the it “Greenstone of Grenada.” And that
is exactly the name of the rock.

That is her website URL, she might be able to supply some, or direct
you to someone who can.


John Atwell Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Geologist and Gemologist
Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry


What you are looking for is also known as “Sea Glass” or “Beach
Glass”. Authentic Beach Glass is broken bits of glass naturally
tumbled in the sand of lakes, rivers and oceans then washed up on
shore. I find mine right on the beaches of Lake Michigan, but you
can find many shapes and colors for sale on ebay though most of it
will be artificially tumbled in a tumbler to give the glass the
frosted look. For me, finding true beach glass is a treasure as it
has become scarce along Lake Michigan beaches.

Trudy Edlebeck

Hi Karen,

I have seen those kind of green stones packaged as vase filler in
the craft stores. I haven’t seen any lately, but you could check your
craft stores, Walmart, dollar stores etc.

Have a happy holiday and a safe New Year!


You might want to try Pier 1. I have some similar green tumbled
river stones that I purchased there a few years back.

Bonnie Cooper