[Source] Green aquamarine�

     can anyone tell me where i can get [buy] green aquamarine,
everywhere i searched seem to only have the blue treated aquas, now
aquamarine is generally accepted as being 

I have a stock of untreated natural color Greenish Aquamarines but I
am rough stone dealer only.Using rough you can control the color you
want and the size/shape also.Point of interest,besides Emerald in the
same family,there is a variety of Beryl that is simply green
Beryl,won’t treat to Aquamarine.You can seperate the two with a
poloroid filter,like from a camera shop.Hold the stone under a strong
direct light,the filter near your eye on the edge of the light,rotate
and you will see the color change from Green to Blue.If you don’t see
it,it is a green Beryl. Mark Liccini