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[Source] Green aquamarine


can anyone tell me where i can get [buy] green aquamarine, everywhere
i searched seem to only have the blue treated aquas, now aquamarine is
generally accepted as being blue but way way back in the distant past
of the last millennium it was always a shade of green and i would
like to make a piece of jewellery from that colour, anyone help


Stewart, a great source I have found is Noema Gems, they have a
website also which is, Sandy Moon-Dallas TX


stewart - if you want to use a green stone instead of specifically an
aqua, you might try looking into australian chrysoprase - it’s not
difficult to cut or polish & looks very dramatic in a design -


Dear Stewart, Looking for greenish aqua? Shop around for some pale
green beryl, it’s the same thing. Hope this helps, kind regards, Rex from Oz.