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[Source] Granules for granulation

Hello Orchidians All,

Many years ago I purchased fine silver granules from DMG Designs;
Granules for Granulation. Does anyone know if this company is still
extant and supplying granules?

Alternatively, do YOU have a current source for fine silver

And, yes, I do know how to make these granules, but prefer to
eliminate that particular step in the process.

Thanks for all help with this,
Linda Kaye-Moses

From the Ganoksin arcives.

It is such a shame that people don’t use the Ganoksin archives
available to everybody.

There is a new supplier for pre-made granules! They are available in
Fine Silver, 18kt, and 22kt and are available in 0.5mm,0.6mm,.07mm,
0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.3mm. The cost is $15/dwt for Fine Silver
and $15/dwt plus the price of gold on day of order. Minimum order of
3dwt. Dave sent me samples and they look great!

Call Dave at DMG Designs 414-774-7190 or email requests to:
Monica AT

Ronda Coryell
ronda AT

Hmmmmm, when I got on the website GranulationonLine dot com, it says
the domain is for sale.

Hi Ronda,

I did email Monica / GranulationOnline, which was my original
contact/source from years ago for granules. I have not heard back
and was intending to call DMG this coming week.

I had posted the request on Orchid Forum, just in case there was
another source, if DMG did not pan out.

Any and all answers to my original post will be most appreciated.

Hope all is well with you,
Linda Kaye-Moses


I missed a few days of Orchid, so I am not sure whether you were
looking for silver or gold granules, Linda. Otto Frei carries
Argentium Sterling granules, which are----surprise!—made by Fretz.
If you want gold granules, I bet they would make them for you. Let me
know if you want an introduction to Bill Fretz—I can put you in
touch. If you do decide on gold granules, let folks on Orchid and
Facebook know—perhaps we could put together a larger order, and
bring the price down. Personally, I would be interested in 22KYG

Cynthia Eid

HI Cindy,

I am looking for FINE silver granules and don’t know if John carries
them, but will check. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hope all is well with you.
Linda K-M

if they have to be completely uniform i have found Hoover & Strong’s
casting grain the closest to uniform, second by Cookson, in UK tied
with KARL Fischer (Germany -i usually add on to the order some cool
things from Fischer rather than just ordering grain I can get in the
US). almost anyone selling casting grain can tell you how uniform (or
not !) their grains are- (some are far more specific than necessary).

Hello I dont know if this message will reach anyone in this discussion, but I am a new granule supplier and Im positive I can match anyone’s prices and quality. Ask Linda. :smile: )

If anyone is looking for a granulation supplier or to replace their current supplier for whatever reason please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christopher Pian
Scientific Alloys Corporation
Clifton, NJ
(973) 478-8323

Hi @cpian ,
Linda here and Yes, I will vouch for the quality of the granules I bought from you. It’s been great knowing that when I need granules of a specific size, without having to be a major jewelry manufacturer, i.e. enabling me to place a small order, I can just ring you up and place an order. Just so you all Orchidians know, I do not receive any recompense for saying this. I am just one helluva satisfied customer, and happy to have found Scientific Alloys.