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Does anyone have a good supplier for silver, gold and platinum
balls for granulation?


TR the Teacher & Student


Hi Todd, SPM (Semiconductor Packaging Materials) in Armonk, NY
has the granules in gold and silver but I don’t know about
platinum. Their phone number is 914 273-5500. One of the
people in this Orchid group had some granules for sale a short
time ago. You could contact her at Judith


I have a friend/customer trying to make them with an
Electro-melt and some powdered charcoal.

Stay tuned for details.



I took a class in granulation last spring and was shocked at the
pricing of the only supplier of granulation balls I could find

  • SPM in New York. I developed a source, and bought a bunch of
    granules to help my fellow students. I have 22K gold in .032"
    size. In fine silver, I have .032", .028", and .024". No luck
    on platinum. Many folks on Orchid have purchased granules. If
    you send me your email, I’ll give you the details

My email is @Ellen_Nelson.

Ellen Nelson


I have used Rio Grande casting grain for granulation balls on
occasion. Sometimes a shipment is useless, to big and lumpy (they
must be buying from the low bidder) , but sometimes it comes in
little perfect spheres of assorted sizes. Might be worth the risk
to get an ounce or two, if it is bigger grain one can always just
use it for casting. Geo.