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[Source] Gold Rosary Findings


Does anyone know where I can get gold rosary findings? I am
especially interested in finding rosary centers ā€“ the centerpiece
for many rosaries that has two loops at the top and one loop at the
bottom. I am also looking for crucifixes, but the rosary centers in
gold have been especially difficult. I am looking for them in 14K gold
and will also look at 18k and 24K, but 14K is what I am most
interested in right now.

Thank you.



Iā€™m not sure this will help, but I do a lot of crucifx repairs for a
local monastery, The Sisters of Camel. To help fund their church and
Monastery they run a rosary repair and sales business on the web.
They may be able to supply, or at least direct you to their suppliers
of, rosary parts. Their conact info is:


The sister I deal with most is Sister Veronica.

Hope they can help.

Paul D. Reilly
The Paul Reilly Company
Colorado Springs, Colorado