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[Source] Gold hoops wholesale

Hi everyone - being interested in designing removable earring charms
I have been looking for a good wholesale source for standard type
gold hoops - overseas or in the US. Looking for a
supplier/manufacturer that is true wholesale, more so than the likes
of Rio Grand or fire Mountain gems at least.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi Susan,

We have a great source in our building where our shop is…It’s
called Herco. They are strictly wholesale. Their website is
and the phone # is 415-543-1580/1-800-864-0767. They are here in
downtown San Francisco, CA. You can say I referred them to you.

There is also Quality Gold and they,too, have a website:
Their phone # is 1-800-686-7184. They are strictly wholesale and are
at the moderate to inexpensive end whereas Herco is more high end…

Hope this is a help!
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan