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[Source] Glass or Crystal Lenses

I would like to bezel and set glass or crystal lenses (flat or
domed) with items underneath (handpainted images or moving parts). I
have been looking all over for a source for lenses in various sizes
in quantity. Does anyone have any sources to share? Thanks in

   I have been looking all over for a source for lenses in various
sizes in quantity. Does anyone have any sources to share? 

Hello Shelly;

This question has appeared here on our forum before and I believe
others came up with a few sources. Why don’t you go to the site and search the archives? The block to enter your
search is right at the top of the home page. Good luck and let us
know how it works for you.

David L. Huffman

Watch crystals are available in various shapes and sizes, and tend to
be high quility (impact resistant, very clear, no scratches). Much
less expensive than scientific lenses, and tend to be easier to set.
I find batches of them readily on ebay. Im sure there are better
sources, but I have been lazy about finding them.

Good luck!

Two things I used for a similar project, may not be nice enough for
this but… At any JoAnns or Michael’s craft stores you can get clear
domed self adhesive pebbles that work nicely. I have also used the
small round mirrors and used a buff to polish off the mirror backing
to get a perfect glass disc. I looked forever for 1" glass discs
before figuring this out and had no luck, but hopefully you’ll do
better! Hope this helps. - Pebbles Page - Mirrors Page -


There are a wide variety of mineral glass crystals available from
watch material supply houses. They have sizes ranging from about 10mm
up to around 38mm diameter, in .1mm increments. They have 1mm thick
thru 2.5mm thick in flat rounds, in .5mm increments, and low domed
like used in alot of Fossil and Guess brand watches. They are pretty
cheap, when buying small quantities. They are also available with
gold mirror edges and black edges with roman numerals silkscreened on
the back side of the xtls. Also availble with faceted finish- I call
them pyramids, altho there are 8-10 faces per xtl.They also have
synthetic white sapphire crystals for watches also, that arent bad
priced either, in small quantity. The syn sapph. xtls are available
in .5mm imcrements. The difference is the min. glass xtls are pretty
scratch resistant, whereas the syn. sapph. xtls are dramatically more
scratch resistant. I think the sapph. xtls are somewhat more sparkly
also. I wouldnt mess with the plastic xtls , like used in older
watches, if you are using these in a jewelry project that you wish to
have longevity of appearance, as the plastic discolors with age and
sun exposure, also craze or crack, and scratch easily. I keep a few
hundred different sizes, thicknesses in stock at all times for watch
xtl replacement, so if you are in need of something , contact me off
Orchid, and I can sell them to you, onsies and twosies. I have no
affiliation with any watch material supply places, other than a
customer for many years.

Ed in Kokomo,

I purchased a package of assorted sizes of small scientific lenses
through American Science & Surplus ( They came in
packages of lenses 1/2 inch and smaller or larger ones. I’ve also
seen optimetrist lenses with metal frames both with and without the
handles at

Good luck!
–Vicki Embrey

Otto Frei, an Orchid sponsor, carries a large selection of watch

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

I am sorry I’m late with this, but Edmund Scientific has all kinds
of lenses as well as kits and cool and wierd stuff for art making
(not of course the original intent) check out

ciao— gail