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[Source] Gilson synthetic opal

I am looking for a source for Gilson synthetic opal material. Anyone
have a connection?

Ronda Coryell
Revere Academy

Try Paul Marrugo, he is now growing synthetic opal. We seen it in
Tucson and it is as good as Gilson opal or better. 740 Metcalf

Escondido, CA 92025,
Voice (760) 745-4331.
Fax (760) 745-4329.

Lloyd Butterfield.
Have a good day?


Might check out , click to open the catalog &
Gilson is on pg. 26. Hope it gives you somewhere to start!

Happy Lundi Gras, (Mardi Gras Eve!) from Carol in New Orleans

You also might want to try Gerry Manning at Manning International.
I don’t have his phone with me here at work, but you can contact him
via email at