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[Source] German finishing wheels


does anyone know who carries the german finishing wheels for the
flexible shaft? can’t find them in rio grande or frei & borel…
thanx, mj


c.r.hill in MICHIGAN 248 5431555 ask 4 Greg tell him Sarven
refereed u good luck


Can you describe the wheels. I may have a source if they are what I
think . Thanks, Bill


MJ you have to be more specfic as to what wheels you are calling
german wheels. I have some wheels from italy, USA and germany as well
as switzerland. What do you want? Prefinish for metal or hi-shine?
Rubber based or silicone? Knife edge 7/8" or 5/8" or Square edge 7/8"?
Please let me know



AXIS Dental Corporation carries all types of finishing wheels,
points, cups in both pre-polishing and final finishing for all
precious and semi-precious metals. Call 1-800-355-5063, Jim Stuart.


Karl Fischer from Germany would carry German wheels

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