[Source] Gem quality emerald

I need a gem quality, 9x7 oval, deep color, clean, well cut emerald
for a customer. Anyone have a source for a gem like this?

Richard Hart

Try Paul Levin, Tairona Gems, 949-366-6159. I purchased from him a
very gemmy Brazilian emerald, oval, clean, nice bright medium green,
very well cut, but it is 7.9 x 6.2 mm, weighs 1.31 cts.- I can send
a picture if this might be of interest. Ovals are very hard to find
emerald, especially good ones.

Another source is Evan Kaplan, Omi Gems, 800-666-4533. I have other
sources for fine goods, but try these first.

Jim Sweaney

Mardon Jewelers